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www.prohealthjobs.com was launched in March of 1998. Our mind set has not changed save the employer time and money. How by posting the jobs for them sending a secure link to pay by credit card or by invoice. Connect them with active and passive job seekers through niche postings, email job flashes, and if possible have there opening featured on the association. As we approach the new year and almost 25 years online giving the employer a solution that works for example no resume data base.

Human resource departments have less time today than ever before they want qualified candidates in real time they do want to waste there time and take a gamble on someone who took a job elsewhere or circumstances have changed.

You have two options best is to combine them together the broad based google and beyond and targeted niche associations we try to keep it simple so you can attract the passive and active healthcare professional.

Some Healthcare job sites offer programmatic advertising and charge double what pro health jobs offers the feedback we have gotten it does not work less is more targeted is more effective. Why do we know it does not work we offered it at one time 20,000 job sites that mostly are not relevant to healthcare with a hope and a pray to quote one client targeted works, relevant works trust us we must be doing something right since 1998.

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