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Job Posted 9/7/2022
Valley Health Columbus
Columbus, GA 31903
United States
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SUPERVISOR: Clinical Coordinator
Last Edited: 7/31/2020
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Summary: Responsible for providing professional nursing care for clinic patients following
established medical standards and practices. The RN must assist physician and non-physician
providers in coordinating patient care and functions as the primary liaison between patients, staff and
physicians. Employee must exhibit values of respect, integrity, innovation and compassion.
Duties and Responsibilities: The authority and duties of the Registered Nurse shall include but not
be limited to:
A. HEALTH EDUCATION/COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Educates patient on medication, therapy,
nutrition, and prevention medicine; Serves on various committees, as designated by Clinical
Coordinator; Promotes the education of patients, family members, and the community.
B. PROGRAM PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION: Ensures that nursing care plan is
reassessed and revised from the evaluation of achievement or lack of achievement of desired
outcomes; Ensures that desired outcomes in the delivery of patient care are evaluated for
achievement or lack of achievement; Assists with development of nursing policies and
procedures; Acts rapidly and effectively in following the center's policies and procedures in
utilizing principles of management in any emergency situation; Interprets, supports, and
recommends administrative and nursing service policies and procedures; Applies knowledge
and skills of management; Attends required in-service education and departmental meetings;
Helps plan, develop, and evaluate objectives, and determines need for revisions and new
objectives with the Clinical Coordinator; Assists in evaluation activities to improve clinic
operations and evaluation of the effectiveness of problem-solving techniques and approaches.
C. PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION/EMPLOYEE TRAINING: Assists with the in-service training
program of nursing staff members; Assists with orientation of new employees.
D. PATIENT CARE: Assesses and evaluates nursing care given by self and participates in
planning and implementation of a total patient health care program; Assesses the health status
of all patients' immediate needs; Prescribes treatment and care based on standing orders,
protocols and expertise; Collects data from patient by interviewing, observing, inspecting,
auscultating, and palpating; Documents accurately any treatments and evaluations· on the
progress notes in patient's medical record; Maintains and ensures confidentiality of patient's
medical records; Makes referrals to appropriate community service providers; Knowledgeable
of location, care, and operations of all emergency equipment; Administers medical treatment
within limits of licensure; Prepares patients for treatment and examination; Dispenses
medication to patients, as directed by physician;
E. Perform any other duties asked by supervisor when needed.
SUPERVISOR: Clinical Coordinator
Last Edited: 7/31/2020
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Evaluation: The evaluation of work performance, including: specific duties, responsibilities,
demeanor, and work ethic, will be ongoing and implemented by the Chief Medical Officer per center
Minimum Qualifications: Graduate from an approved school of nursing and passage of a national
licensing examination, administered by the State, with an RN degree. CPR certification required with
ACLS/PALS certification preferred; triage experience a plus. A minimum of one year professional
nursing experience in a clinical setting, if the setting is a physician office or clinic, is required. Two
years nursing experience if the setting was a hospital, nursing home, home health agency or medical
facility other than a physician office/clinic. Previous supervisory and administrative experience in a
busy ambulatory setting preferred but not required. Must have comprehensive knowledge of health
care delivery and possess the ability to evaluate nursing needs of patients. Must have two years’
experience working with Risk Management and Compliance in the Healthcare setting. The ability to
read, comprehend, and transmit complicated and detailed instructions in order to plan and perform
job functions. The incumbent must have the ability to work with others and to effectively
communicate, verbally and in writing. The incumbent must have the ability to meet deadlines, to
concentrate and pay close attention to detail; also, the ability to organize, prioritize, and work
independently, as well as schedule and produce work in a timely manner. The incumbent must
possess emotional stability in order to cope with human suffering and frequent emergencies and
other stresses.
Status: FLSA exempt position; OSHA high risk position; ADA negotiable position.
Compliance: Adhere to company policies and procedures and all Federal, State and Local medical
service requirements. To include HIPAA Privacy & Security.
Confidentiality (HIPAA): Every employee is required to sign a Pledge of Confidentiality. Failure to
comply with our Pledge of Confidentiality can or will lead to immediate termination of employment.
Confidentiality applies to a patient’s Personal Health Information (PHI) and includes: written, oral and
electronic communications. Each employee has an obligation to maintain confidentiality after their
employment/association with this facility ends.
Security (HIPAA): Every employee is required to protect their computer log-on and password. You
must secure your work area prior to leaving it unattended for an extended period of time. You are
required to log-off of your computer and secure your work area prior to leaving at the end of the day.
If you have a responsibility for closing or locking files, securing equipment, or locking the building and
you do not comply with these requirements, you will be subject to reprimand and/or termination based
upon the infraction. We are required by law to protect patient privacy, identifiable patient information,
and all properties containing such information.
Physical Requirements: Varied activities include standing, walking, reaching, bending and lifting.
Employee must possess full range of body motion including the ability to assist or lift patients when
necessary; occasional weight bearing to exceed 50 pounds, use of portable stretchers/wheelchairs
SUPERVISOR: Clinical Coordinator
Last Edited: 7/31/2020
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encouraged. Employee must possess hand-eye coordination with normal range of vision and hearing
abilities. This position frequently requires working under stressful conditions and frequently requires
irregular work hours.
Environmental Working Conditions: This position includes both clerical and medical
responsibilities. Employee is frequently exposed to communicable diseases, toxic substances,
medical cleaning and processing solutions which my included ionizing radiation plus other elements
common in a clinical environment.
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