Opthalmic Technician

Job Posted 9/7/2022
Valley Health Columbus
Columbus, GA 31903
United States
Experience Required
Degree Required
Job Description
Summary: Assist the Optometrist in providing professional services to patients, takes patient history,
and performs preliminary and advanced testing.
Duties and Responsibilities: The authority and duties of the Ophthalmic Technician shall include
but not be limited to:
1. Obtains patient history and charts procedures for medical records
2. Performs and records visual acuities, IOP, auto refractometer/keratometry readings
3. Measures Eyeglass Prescriptions
4. Uses and maintains equipment and supplies appropriately
5. Counsels patients by providing information regarding treatment, use of drops and drugs
6. Creates a comfortable and welcoming environment for our patients
7. Perform any other duties asked by supervisor when needed.
Evaluation: The evaluation of work performance, including: specific duties, responsibilities,
demeanor, and work ethic, will be ongoing and implemented by the Optometrist per center policies.
Minimum Qualifications: Minimum of High School diploma or G.E.D. Basic office equipment and
computer skills; Strong interpersonal skills; Ophthalmic/Optometric experience. COA or COT
Preferred Qualifications: Sales/retail experience.
Status: FLSA non- exempt position; OSHA high-risk positions; ADA negotiable position.
Compliance: Adhere to company policies and procedures and all Federal, State and Local medical
service requirements. To include HIPAA Privacy & Security.
Confidentiality (HIPAA): Every employee is required to sign a Pledge of Confidentiality. Failure to
comply with our Pledge of Confidentiality can or will lead to immediate termination of employment.
Confidentiality applies to a patient’s Personal Health Information (PHI) and includes written, oral and
electronic communications. Each employee has an obligation to maintain confidentiality after his or
her employment/association with this facility ends.
Security (HIPAA): Every employee is required to protect his or her computer log-on and password.
You must secure your work area prior to leaving it unattended for an extended period. You are
required to log-off of your computer and secure your work area prior to leaving at the end of the day.
If you have a responsibility for closing or locking files, securing equipment, or locking the building and
you do not comply with these requirements, you will be subject to reprimand and/or termination based
upon the infraction. We are required by law to protect patient privacy, identifiable patient information,
and all properties containing such information

Columbus GA 31903
United States