Licensed Practical Nurse

Job Posted 9/7/2022
Valley Health Columbus
1600 Fort Benning Road
Columbus, GA 31903
United States
Experience Required
Degree Required
Job Description
Summary: Assists physicians and non-physician clinicians (NP and PA) with the examination and
treatment of patients. Requires a measure of independent judgment and function to deliver quality
patient care.
Duties and Responsibilities: The authority and duties of the Licensed Practical Nurse shall include
but not be limited to:
A. HEALTH EDUCATION/COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Maintains and conducts patient education.
1. Assesses the health status of all patients. Assists in prioritizing the patient's immediate
2. Responsible for facilitating patient flow.
3. Records patient's physical condition by observation, taking vital signs, and questioning
patient on physical problems and history, prior to physician's exam.
4. Organizes assessment data so that it is accurate, complete, and accessible. Collects
data from client by interviewing, observing, inspecting, and palpating; then, reports and
records. Supports and adheres to administrative and nursing service policies and
5. Documents in the progress notes the nursing actions implemented and effectiveness of
6. Reviews electronic medical charts and forms to assure that all prescribed procedures
are followed.
7. Monitors and maintains the Emergency Cart. Maintains adequate medical supplies;
cleans, wraps, and sterilizes instruments.
8. Administers medication to clients, as ordered.
9. Coordinates patient flow into and out of exam rooms.
10.E-scribes or phones in prescription as per VHcS protocol.
11.Evaluates developmental stages of children scheduled for well-child visits.
12.Explains diagnostic procedures to patients, when necessary, and clarifies instructions.
13.Notifies, if necessary, patients regarding lab abnormalities, per physician orders, and
screens patient phone calls.
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14.Assists in training of CMA/Nursing students and CMA/Nursing personnel.
15. Performs ancillary procedures, as requested by physician Le. EKG's, tympanometry
peak flows, audiometry, visual acuity, surgery set-ups, etc.
16.Acts in a lab role under supervision/direction of clinical coordinator.
17.Triage patients requesting to be seen following policy guidelines.
18.Participates in QA activities.
19.Volunteers for outreach activities such as health fairs when available.
20.Follows administrative policies in the Employee Handbook, Compliance Manual, and
Clinical Policies and Procedures.
21.Acts as a positive role model for other staff.
22.Performs other duties, as assigned.
Evaluation: The evaluation of work performance, including: specific duties, responsibilities,
demeanor, and work ethic, will be ongoing and implemented by the Clinical Coordinator per center
Minimum Qualifications: Practical Nurses License in the State of Georgia. Acquired nursing skills
with one to two years of practical nursing experience. Knowledge of all phases of primary health care
delivery. Good communication and organizational skills. Ability to read, comprehend, and transmit
complicated and detailed instructions, in order to plan and perform job functions. Ability to meet
deadlines, to concentrate and pay close attention to details; also, ability to organize, prioritize, and
work independently. Previous supervisory experience helpful.
Status: FLSA exempt position; OSHA high risk position; ADA negotiable position.
Compliance: Adhere to company policies and procedures and all Federal, State and Local medical
service requirements. To include HIPAA Privacy & Security.
Confidentiality (HIPAA): Every employee is required to sign a Pledge of Confidentiality. Failure to
comply with our Pledge of Confidentiality can or will lead to immediate termination of employment.
Confidentiality applies to a patient’s Personal Health Information (PHI) and includes: written, oral and
electronic communications. Each employee has an obligation to maintain confidentiality after their
employment/association with this facility ends.

Columbus GA 31903
United States