Licensed Optician

Job Posted 9/7/2022
Valley Health Columbus
Columbus, GA 31903
United States
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Summary: Assist the Optometrist in providing professional services to patients, take patient history,
and perform preliminary and advanced testing. Perform prescription verification, frame and lens
selection based on prescription and lifestyle.
Duties and Responsibilities: The authority and duties of the Optician shall include but not be limited
1. Interpreting the results of eye examinations, using prescriptions written by Optometrists and
2. Advising patients on frame weights, materials, styles and colors
3. Recommending lenses, coatings and frames to suit customers’ needs
4. Measuring customers to determine suitable types and styles of frames
5. Adjusting frames so they fit properly
6. Preparing orders for glasses and contact lenses by checking prescriptions, lens thickness and
other specifications
7. Making sure that orders for glasses and contact lenses have been processed accurately
8. Fill ophthalmic eyeglass prescriptions and fit and adapt lenses and frames, utilizing optical
9. Dispense quality product
10.Verify visual acuity, analyze and interpret prescriptions and lens design, measure pupillary
distances (distance and near), bifocal, trifocal, and progressive placement, select and measure
frames for facial contour: eye size, bridge size, temple length
11.Perform any other duties asked by supervisor when needed.
Evaluation: The evaluation of work performance, including: specific duties, responsibilities,
demeanor, and work ethic, will be ongoing and implemented by the CEO per center policies.
Minimum Qualifications:
1. 2+ years’ experience working as an License Optician
2. Minimum of High School diploma or G.E.D.
3. Ability to provide enthusiastic and concise communication to meet and exceed customers’
4. Ability to work well within a team
5. Strong attention to detail
1. State licensure or certification by a nationally-recognized opticianary association
2. Sales/retail experience
3. ABOC-AV or NCLE-AC certification
Compliance: Adhere to company policies and procedures and all Federal, State and Local medical
service requirements. To include HIPAA Privacy & Security.
Last Edited: 7/30/2020
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Confidentiality (HIPAA): Every employee is required to sign a Pledge of Confidentiality. Failure to
comply with our Pledge of Confidentiality can or will lead to immediate termination of employment.
Confidentiality applies to a patient’s Personal Health Information (PHI) and includes: written, oral and
electronic communications. Each employee has an obligation to maintain confidentiality after their
employment/association with this facility ends.
Security (HIPAA): Every employee is required to protect their computer log-on and password. You
must secure your work area prior to leaving it unattended for an extended period of time. You are
required to log-off of your computer and secure your work area prior to leaving at the end of the day.
If you have a responsibility for closing or locking files, securing equipment, or locking the building and
you do not comply with these requirements, you will be subject to reprimand and/or termination based
upon the infraction. We are required by law to protect patient privacy, identifiable patient information,
and all properties containing such information.
Physical Requirements: Varied activities include standing, walking, reaching, bending and lifting.
Employee must possess full range of body motion including the ability to assist or lift patients when
necessary; occasional weight bearing to exceed 50 pounds, use of portable stretchers/wheelchairs
encouraged. Employee must possess hand-eye coordination with normal range of vision and hearing
abilities. This position frequently requires working under stressful conditions and frequently requires
irregular work hours.
Environmental Working Conditions: This position includes both administrative and medical
responsibilities. Employee is frequently exposed to communicable diseases, toxic substances,
medical cleaning and processing solutions which my included ionizing radiation plus other elements
common in a clinical environment.
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